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Established severalyears in istanbul, Turkey.Roqvel Company has been contributing & heading the Turkish market in both fields of techno machines & hair care products.


Roqvel company developed from a small company to a large family over the years.Roqvel has managed to integrate the traditional values in this land and universal values for many years.Despite of being young in age,the company has become one of the most important centers in the production of machines for hair salon,and then developed for more success by manufacturing hair care products.

Currently exporting for many countries, Roqvel has become "World Brand exporting all over the World"


Roqvel, having maintained its principle of appropriate and high-quality product policy,and his idea of the smart choice up to now and continue to do so and present to the consumer and thus aims to perfection.With the Turkish Quality, the company has obtained advantages, which global competitors in the world do not have.This has reinforced our belief in achieving our goals is even more.

Roqvel uses the motto"Right Choice"both in Turkey and its target markets.Our goal is to act in line with our vision and mission,like  until now also hereafter,and coming the points that we want to reach,thus carrying the Turkish Products and Quality to a significant point in the word market.

Roqvel has the professional knowledge,skills and equipment in international standards in the fields of  production, sales and marketing, and an innovative, self-confident, entrepreneur company, preserve the leading in the sector of cosmetic.

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